Schedule February 3rd 2018

Bring your  computer!

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Schedule February 4th 2018

Bring your  computer!

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Intensive school business

Coaching from successful entrepreneurs and professionals to fast track your way to success! Intensive business school is an opportunity for our attendees to get much needed insight and acquiring new skills for their business and career development from leading expert!

9 economic innovative Labs

It’s the use of your acumen to come up with viable economic solutions tackling nine issues impacting the economic wellbeing of Black communities.

Pole 1: Foundations

  • 1. Innovation in education

  • 2. Thriving organisations

  • 3. Support single family

Pole 2: Build your influence

  • 4. Create influential network and lobby based on economic strength

  • 5. Focuson Medias

Pole 3: Access to properties

  • 6. Facilitate access to property in the process of blacks empowering

Pole 4: Sciences and technologies

  • 7. Promote science and green technology innovation

Pole 5: Entrepreneurship

  • 8. Stimulate entrepreneurship

  • 9. Access to public procurement and international market

The power of networking

1:1  : We will release schedules for individual meetings of 15 minutes with the guests.

Or Themes table: meetings 3-5 people on a particular specific subject.