Winner of the 2018 Entrepreneur support Award of Startup Canada (regional and national), International Black Economic Forum (IBEF) is an action think tank aimed to improve, accelerate and empower Black people around the world. The IBEF addresses challenges and economic issues that the Black people are experiencing at the local, national and international levels.

Our mission: Accelerate wealth creation among Blacks.

IBEF sets out to:

  • Promote economic empowerment among Black populations. 

  • Captivate and engage communities with economic matters. 

  • Propose pragmatic solutions to economic matters facing Black populations. 

  • Get local and international stakeholders concerned by economic matters to work together and be a catalyst for economic progress among Blacks. 

Added Value

The Forum’s added value lies in its strategic response: the authentic capacity to combine reflection and implementation of initiatives that satisfy blatant economic needs among Black populations. The IBEF will support the implementation of flourishing and innovative initiatives with key national and international partners.

The purpose of the IBEF is:

  • Promote the economic empowerment of Black populations.

  • Engage blacks on economic issues affecting them.

  • Mobilize the various local and international actors concerned by these issues and challenges to catalyze the economic progress of blacks.

  • Propose pragmatic solutions to the economic challenges faced by local and international black populations.

As a catalyst, we bring together entrepreneurs, professionals, influencers, social innovators, and opinion leaders from Black communities from diverse backgrounds. This, in order to collectively find solutions adapted to the realities of Black communities from here and elsewhere and to take action to create prosperous communities. Our approach is part of a logic of justice and economic development. Issues whose importance is reinforced by the proclamation of the United Nations which decreed the period stretching from 2015 to 2024: "International Decade of People of African Descent".