The organization

The International Black Economic Forum (IBEF) is an action think tank designed to improve, accelerate, and economically empower black populations around the world.

The IBEF deals with economic matters and problems that black populations face locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our mission : Accelerating wealth creation among Blacks.

IBEF sets out to:
Promote economic empowerment among black populations. Captivate and engage communities with economic matters. Propose pragmatic solutions to economic matters facing black populations. Get local and international stakeholders concerned by economic matters to work together and be


An ambitious and innovative economic platform 

The Economic Forum, the headlight event of the IBEF, will close the first year of operation. The participants will experience an immersive and collaborative environment. Which will foster creativity and action. They will be fired up to take all the new insights into action.

Added value

The Forum’s added value is reflected in the strategic response proposed, which is the actual ability to combine reflection and implementation of initiatives that answer to pressing economic needs of the black population. Together with the partners, the IBEF supports the implementation of promising and innovative initiatives.


Kerlande Mibel

Kerlande Mibel heads Zwart Communication, an agency that specializes in multicultural marketing in Quebec. As Zwart Communication’s founder, she believes strongly in the power of diversity. Zwart Communication mandate is to work with its clients to strategically tap into that power. Before launching her own business, Mibel was a political advisor for the Cabinet of Montreal’s Mayor. For over 10 years, she has worked passionately in economic development. She created several initiatives to promote employability and women’s entrepreneurship. She was a contributor in “PME en action” a daily TV show in canal Argent. She also blogs in the Hungton Post as well as in Infopresse.